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Triangular bag tea packaging machine — Measurment cup weigher

Triangular bag tea packaging machine — Measurment cup weigher

  1. Description

Applicable scope

Green tea,black tea,Pu'er tea,health tea and other small particles of uniform tea.

Triangle three-dimensional bag tea bags of the advantages

1.After the hot water injection,there is room for the original tea,herbal tea,fruit

tea,etc.to fully expand and maintain the original flavor oftea,fresh and natural

2.can be brewed several times,long bubble,do not damage the tea bag

3.Tansparent packaging materials,consumers can clearly see the package meterial

4.Packaging materials through strict food inspection,safety and health

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Performance characteristics

1.Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting,to produce a beautiful bag and sealed three-dimensional three-

dimensional tea bag

2.Automatic quantitative measurement can easily change the filling process in the production process

3.Using Siemens PLC control,touch screen operation,more stable performance,the operation is more simple,



4.SMC pneumatic components,Schneider electrical components,to extend the service life of the machine

5.The use of mechanical and electrical integration design,replacement data without stopping /shut down

6.According to the shape of the tea optional electronic scale or measuring calorimeter measurement

7.Packaging capacity: 2400-3600 bags per hour can be produced

8.With a tape with a label material can be produced with a hanging tea bag

9.Triangular conical bag and four corners flat bag production process only one key switch

Main technical parameter

Measurement method量杯计量(可选配茶叶定量秤)
Packaging speed40- 50包/分
Measurement range1- 5克
Measurement accuracy+0.2克(根据物料粗细及比重)
Thenumber of unwinding1个
Packaging materials尼龙、无纺布、玉米纤维等超声波封口材料
Roll width120 140 160 180 mm
Roll out diameter≤Φ400mm
Wrapthecore diameter of the rollΦ76mm
Air pressure≥0.6Mpa(由定做方保证供气)
The motor power of the machine约2.8 Kw(220V)
Equipment shape约 L 1250xW 800xH 1800(mm)
Equipment weight约500kg