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Corporate history

       In 2006, the founder of the safran packaging machine with their own love of equipment industry, a pure chance, decided to start their own businesses, set up the Shanghai safran packaging machinery equipment co., LTD., in a rented in less than 200 square meters of factory building, with sales sealing machine, packing machine, vertical granule/powder/paste liquid packaging machine is given priority to, in his business, sales rising, technical background, founder of the predicted the future trend of the development of packaging machine industry, want to survive in the packaging machinery industry, must have its own brand, to do their own products, then, in 2009, the peak company transformation, rented 2000 square meters factory, established in Shanghai, machinery co., LTD., is specialized in packaging machinery technology design, consulting, production, sales and after-sale as one of professional enterprises, the main products are: triangle tea bag packaging machine, triangle, triangle bag bag inside and outside the machine inside and outside the bag of fission machine, triangle tea bag material labeling machine, hanging ear coffee packing machine, vertical grain/powder/paste liquid packaging machine, in a few short years, has been among the similar industry advanced enterprises, product sales not only 23 provinces and cities across the country, but also exported to southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, eastern Europe and other countries, deeply consumer's favor and praise at home and abroad, at this point, the founder of the peak that want the company to do bigger and better, have better benefits for employees, must want to have their own factories, to expand the scale of production, to form a larger technical team, service more customers,So in 2015, zhejiang jiashan yao zhuang bought land to build its own factory, and founded zhejiang saifeng machinery and technology co., LTD

       The company implements the reward mechanism of the fittest, and encourages employees to improve their own quality. Management: the operator and the manager are in the loop, layer upon layer; In the operation: according to the investment status of different enterprises, the actual production scale and requirements are tailored to provide the whole packaging process and process; In the feedback of information: constantly learning advanced technology to improve the structure and components of products and braking capacity; In the service: try to be good at pre-sales, sales and after-sales work, think what customers want, do what customers do; In return: focus on improving production efficiency, reducing production cost, improving product quality, and making consumers more profitable.

  In the new century, we will more adhere to the development mode of advanced features, stable quality, affordable price and perfect service. We will constantly blaze new trails to create the image of "saifeng". "To cheer, to the next level", safran company is willing to meet the needs of new and old customers to make unremitting efforts, believe that in the peak ChuangShiRen carefully operation and led, the peak of tomorrow will be more beautiful!