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Screw feeding machine

Screw feeding machine

  1. Description

The vibrating screw feeding machine can improve a plurality of powder materials,and can be matched with the packaging machine of our company to realize automatic feeding of material level, and can also be used in other occasions.In addition to motor, bearing the rest made of stainless steel. feeding machine adopts double motor:feeding motor and vibration motor are separated independently.

* the vibration of the material box and the adjustable amplitude, the material is not easy to bridge,strong adaptability to materials.

* the material box and the auger design component are separated, the structure is reasonable,and the loading and unloading is easy.

* to facilitate cleaning materials,can be designed into a spiral reverse discharging,feeding pipe is arranged at the lower end of the gate Discharge,the whole screw can be easily unloaded, installed,cleaning,etc..