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Powder packing machine

Powder packing machine

  1. Description

Applicable scope

Applicable to milk powder, soy milk powder, portein powder,green tea powder, starch and otherr powder material quantitative packaging

Performance characteristics

1,the whole machine from siemens PLC programmable controller,Siemens touch screen constitute the driving control core,high performance,simple operation;

2,the machine and the screw metering to complete the measurement,feeding, filling bag,date printing,finished product delivery of all packaging process;

3,the use of intelligent temperature control,to ensure that the sealing beautiful, smooth;

4,the machine can be based on customer needs three-side closure,back-sealed bag type can be freely converted


Main technical parameter

Measurement range


Bag sizeL30-160*W10-120mm
Packaging speed30-60bag/min
voltage220V 50/60Hz 2.5KW
Equipment shapeL1000*W700*H1600
Equipment weight350kg