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Computer combination scale

    1. Detailed information

    Applicable products: potato chips,candy,melon seeds,pistachios,peanuts,nuts, fruit,jelly,frozen biscuits,candied fruit,Glutinous Rice Balls,Camphor balls,raisins,

    almonds,chocolate,nuts,Cereals,pet food,puffed food,hardware parts,plastic parts,etc.Quantitative weighing of granular,flaky,strip and irregular shapes.

    * the perfect combination of high accuracy and high speed,the best combination of instantaneous weight is selected from the combination of computer and computer.

    * high precision digital weighing sensor enables accurate measurement of insta-ntaneous realization.

    * Chinese /English LCD display system.

    * IP65 waterproof and dust proof design.All parts are made of stainless steel.Fully sealed design prevents material accumulation and easy to clean. according to the characteristics and by measuring fine-tuning of Doumen's opening and closing speed,prevent crushing and blocking.

    * powerful statistical function of the data,recording the number of the total number of packages,the passing rate and the single bag error.

    * selecting device: pattern scale bucket,collecting hopper,printing device,super difference sorting device.

    * strong compatibility,installed directly on the packaging machine,the structure is more compact.

    * to save you a lot of raw materials and labor costs,fast return on investment.