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Powder packing machine

    1. Detailed information

    Applicable scope

    Milk powder,rice flour,milk powder starch,protein powder,seasonings and other powder material automatic measurement.

    Performance characteristics

    1,the use of screw machine to complete the measurement,flling,nitrogen and so on.It is suitable for measuring powdery materials which are easy to flow or have poor mobility.

    2,the use of servo drive system,high precision,stable performance and so on.

    3,stainless steel open box,easy to clean up.

    4,equipped with security protection,in line with corporate safety management requirements.

    5,the use of intelligent temperature controller,temperature control accuracy,to ensure a beautiful appearance of sealing.

    6,the use of Siemens PLC double pull film or single pull film feed system,sealing and cutting positions are used automatic correction device

    7.Siemens touch screen mechanism to drive the control core,to maximize the overall control accuracy, reliability,and intelligence.

    8,the machine and the measurement can be completed automatically complete product measurement, feeding,filling bag,inflatable (exhaust),date printing all the packaging process,and automatically complete the count.

    Optional device

    Angle,with bags,perforation and so on


    Main technical parameter

    machine typeSF-420SF-530
    Bag size

    Length: 80-300mm

    Width: 80-200mm

    Length: 100-330mm

    Width: 100-250mm

    Packaging speed25-70bags/min25-65bags/min
    Power and power200V 50-60Hz 3.0Kw380/200V 50-60Hz 3.6Kw
    Compressed air usage6-8Kg/平方米,0.25立方米/min6-8Kg/平方米,0.3立方米/min
    Total Weight500kg600kg